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White Glove Service (GTA)

Up to 3 items. This includes the assembly, placement in your room of choice and removal of all packaging material.

White Glove Service (Outside GTA)

Up to 3 items. This includes the assembly, placement in your room of choice and removal of all packaging material.

Drop Delivery (GTA)

Drop-off of the product at the point of entry of the delivery address.

Drop Delivery (Outside GTA)

Drop-off of the product at the point of entry of the delivery address.

Warehouse Pickup

Free Pickup at Casalife Warehouse - Evans Avenue.

Magniflex Mattresses

Purchases of Magniflex mattresses include delivery anywhere in Canada.

Delivery to Rural Areas

Up to 3 items. This includes the assembly, placement in your room of choice and removal of all packaging material.

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Deliveries above and beyond 3 items into rural areas will be quoted on a case by case basis.

Shipping & Delivery Info


    Drop Delivery

  • We will deliver product to the point of entry of your home or building. 1-3 items.
  • White Glove service

  • We will deliver, and assemble your product(s) in your room of choice. 1-3 items.
  • Free pick-up at our warehouse - 350 Evans Avenue, Toronto, ON.
  • Courier delivery

    As of site re-launch on Oct 9th 2019 - we are not fully configured to automatically calculate courier shipments.(coming soon)
    For small items only - we will let you know if we can courier your item and save you money on shipping.
    Please note you will not be charged until your order has been confirmed by us and by you.

    Contact us if you have any questions regarding shipping costs or quotes.


  • We would love to provide flat rate shipping within all of Canada, but it's simply not possible given the amount of rural areas, so we have to deal with
    this on a case by case basis. Please contact our shipping department or use the Request a Quote feature to provide us with your details,
    and we will reply with a shipping cost.
  • Don't fear - we are experienced and work hard to get great rates, we will make it as easy as possible for you to get some casalife in your life.
  • Please allow 1-2 business days to obtain a quote.
  • Please note your order will not be charged until any additional shipping costs have been approved by you.
  • If you live outside major metropolitan areas and would like to exchange or a return a product, we will work just as hard.

    This website has gone live as of Oct 9th, 2019 and we are still working on the shipping functionality so whenever in doubt please do not hesitate
    to contact us to obtain an estimate of shipping costs.
  • Please note white glove service may not be available in all areas.


  • As much as we like to keep things simple - we carry alot of product.
    Some are in stock and we can ship right away. Others are ordered to your specifications and require several weeks or months to manufacture.
    The time frame can vary from a few days to 8-10 weeks with the odd exception if you are customizing a piece outside of standard specifications.
    Contact us if you would like more info about a specific products lead time - or you have a particular date that you are working with.
    We wil be happy to work with you to meet that date or suggest other product's that will fit your particular timeline.
  • Please note delivery timings are estimated, and not guaranteed. At times, the circumstances are beyond of our control,
    and this may include production, logistic delays or good old murphy just having fun with us.
    Please note we promise to keep you as up to date as possible but please note we will not compensate for delays or for delivery times exceeding
    the estimate.


  • Our shipping department will call to schedule a delivery appointment once all items on your order have been received and inspected.
    We strive to keep our deliveries on schedule as we know your time is valuable. Customers play a large role in how the day goes, so we ask you for
    your help to keep us on schedule.
  • Customers who are picking up at the Evans Avenue warehouse must ensure their vehicle can transport the product(s) in their original packkaging. If this is not possible, and if packaging must be removed in order to fit the product(s) into their vehicle, they will be asked to sign off on product condition. This may void the return policy.
  • Please consider the following to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery.
    - There is adequate parking and access to the building to accept the delivery. If the truck has nowehere to park - we can't fulfill the delivery
    - Please make sure your driveway is clear or your loading dock is available or you will be responsible for rebooking fees.
    - The area where the items are being delivered / setup is clear and accessible. Delivery drivers will not move your existing furniture, and again
    you will be subjuect to rebooking fees or the delivery will be left in an accessible area.
    - The elevator is booked for the scheduled delivery window.
    - Make sure we are well aware in advance of any relevant details such as number of flights of stairs, difficult situations or access restrictions that may
    take extra time for our delivery crew. Everybody expects their delivery to be on schedule so we need to alott the right amount of time to complete
    your delivery. So please let us know if you think you have any restrictions or potential complications. We will work with you no matter your situation
    but if we don't know in advance and we haven't scheduled the time for it - you may be subject to rebooking fees.
  • Our delivery team is unable to remove existing furniture, mount TV's, connect any electrical items, install wall mirrors and/or decorative wall
    accessories during the delivery.
  • Please note our delivery team has the right to refuse to deliver in situations they feel could result in personal injury, product or residence damage.
    This includes accessways in the winter. (Canadian common knowledge) To be perfectly clear - our delivery drivers will not shovel their way to your
    front door (yes, this does happen)


  • If you wish to update the delivery details for your order, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • If the order has left our warehouse, you will be responsible for the shipping and return-shipping charges.